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The Ultimate Tuning Tool !

The M&W Uego system uses a Universal Exhaust Gas Oxygen sensor and this works completely differently from a normal oxygen sensor you would find in your car. It allows precise measurement over a wide AFR range. UEGO sensor systems are used by all original equipment manufacturers for ECU mapping and are also widely used in motorsports including F1.


The NTK2500 microprocessor controlled M&W Uego controllers feature a fully linearized real time 0-5 volt analog output.

USB, 0-5V analog output and CAN bus allows easy input into data acquisition systems and engine management systems. The controllers use a true wide range (wideband) NTK UEGO sensor and is a very versatile tuning tool for engine mapping and diagnostic purposes. Latest software PC for Windows (7-11) can be downloaded from the support page.


Windows Screen


Four channel unit NTK4000 is also available. USB and CAN bus (0-5V analog output optional) allows easy interface.