All M&W products are protected by a 12 month back to base warranty against manufacture defects from date of purchase

Warranty will not apply to:

  1. Defect or malfunction resulting from failure to correctly install, operate or maintain the unit in accordance with instructions
  2. Failures resulting from abuse, accident or negligence
  3. Units modified by customer
  4. Operation or storage outside instructed environmental conditions
  5. Operation outside instructed voltage limits
  6. Operation in conjunction with non recommended components
  7. Normal maintenance service and the parts used within such service
  8. Units not installed in conjunction with good trade practices
  9. Units used for purposes other than for what they were designed and manufactured
  10. Any unit opened, tampered with or repaired by non M&W personnel
  11. Any unit where the serial number or any other labelling is removed or defaced
  12. Any unit sent for repair which has been opened or tampered with prior to arrival
  13. Any unit used other than its design purpose ie drag race only units used in street driven vehicles

M&W reserves the right to refuse service on any unit returned for repair, new or second hand, which has been opened or tampered with

M&W shall in no event be responsible or liable for the cost of labour or other charges incurred by any customer in removing and or re-installing any M&W product, part or component

M&W shall in no event be responsible or liable for any cost what so ever arising from the use or our equipment

M&W will not be liable for duties or taxes for goods being imported or exported under any conditions

All sales are final and no refunds will be issued

Goods will not ship until full payment for such items is received

M&W will not be responsible for any loss or damage once goods leave our possession whether by collect pickup, freight forwarder, freight agent, freight company or any other means.  Insurance against loss or damage during shipping may be arranged at customers request however additional fees and charges will apply

Any equipment returned for repair and not collected within 6 months of notification will be disposed of at our discretion