What's News


Mar 2014

M&W's Series 4 ignition design is in final phase of pre-production and testing. A new extrusion has been produced allowing for improved cooling and thermal managment. The Series 4 units are ground up high performance designs with significant increases in energy througput allowing a comprehensive range of advanced street, drag and endurance systems.

November 2013

M&W enters into an agreement with EMtron Australia to provide private label ignition systems to compliment their advanced high end engine management designs.

September 2013

M&W products selected by Ken Duttweiler to power 'Speed Demon' in setting a new piston engine, wheel driven, land speed record of 439.024 MPH.

July 2012

M&W enters into an agreement with Haltech to provide private label ignition systems with advanced triggering functions.

October 2010

M&W develops a direct fire ignition system for Mitsubishi ECU's used in Evo street and drag race vehicles. This provides true direct fire removing the limitations of stock waste spark ignition.

July 2010

Jeff Denmead wins 4WD Time Attack class and sets new qualifying record at Pikes Peak Hill Climb using an M&W ignition system.

May 2010

M&W releases the specification for an 'Ignition Bus' protocol providing a simplified single wire method for ECU manufacturers to drive up to 12 channel CDI ignition systems.

April 2010

M&W develops Autronic multiplex compatible CDI systems for Mazda 20B street and drag race use.

March 2009

Motec IEX compatible igntiion systems released for street and drag race use in 4, 6 & 8 cylinder versions.

February 2005

M&W develops custom direct fire ignition system for Ilmor Formula One V10 rotary valve engine.

July 2004

M&W releases advanced Series 2 cdi ignition systems in new light weight extruded enclosure.

July 1999

M&W produces first aftermarket UEGO system using NTK wide band sensor.

September 1998

M&W designs first Pro-10 single channel cdi for Australian endurance racing championships in custom extrusion.

May 1997

M&W produces first Pro-1 single channel cdi.

October 1996

M&W produces first aftermarket ECU triggered 'smart' igniters with auto dwell control.

February 1996

M&W produces first aftermarket ECU triggered 'dumb' igniters.